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Slik U9000


Popular, light weight, and an excellent value. Easy to operate for both still and video photography.

  • Upper grade model featuring rubber/spike leg tips, and bubble level.
  • Smooth 3-way fluid effect pan head, excellent for still or light weight video cameras.
  • Quick release shoe for easy mounting and removal of camera or camcorder.
  • Geared center column.
    Folded Length: 590mm
    Maximum Operating Height: 1,500mm
    Minimum Operating Height: 1,200mm
    Maximum Center Column Ext.: 300mm
    Weight: 1,600g
    How To Mount Camera: Quick Release Plate.
    Number of Leg Sections: 3
    Diameter of the first upper leg: 23mm
    Type of Center Column Elevation: Rack & pinion type
    Panhead: 3-way
    Type of Bubble Level: Single bubble level

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