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Slik PRO 500 DX


Compact version of PRO 700 DX with 3-way panhead with a quick shoe, with 3-way panhead ABLE 300DX HEAD

  • MADE OF SLIK SUPER ALLOY A.M.T: (Aluminum-Magnesium-Titanium alloy). SLIK A.M.T. Alloy offers an exceptional strength-to-weight ratio more than 40% greater than similar tripods. (except PRO 400DX & ABLE 300DX)
  • GROOVED TUBULAR LEGS: The groove, in the already dynamically strong circular tubing, prevents the leg from spinning around, and allows simple and secure locking. It also allows you to extend the leg from any section, regardless of the order. (except PRO 400DX & ABLE 300DX)
  • GEARLESS, DETACHABLE & INVERTIBLE CENTER COLUMN: Just loosen locking collar, and pull up. Camera height and direction can be adjusted in one motion. For extremely low angle positioning without changing an optional center column.
  • 3-POSITION LEG ANGLE ADJUSTMENT: Choice of three different leg angles for quick set up on inclined, or uneven ground.
    Folded Length: 695mm
    Maximum Operating Height: 1,645mm
    Minimum Operating Height: 350mm
    Maximum Center Column Ext.: 260mm
    Weight: 2,730g
    Head Portion Weight: 650g
    Leg Portion Weight: 2,080g
    Leg Tip: Rubber
    How To Mount Camera: Q.R.S.
    Number of Leg Sections: 3
    Shape of Leg Pipe/Tube:
    Diameter of the first upper leg: 26.8mm
    Type of Center Column Elevation: Center column type
    Panhead: 3-way
    Special Features: Multi-position leg

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