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Sigma 150-600mm f5-6.3 DG OS Contemporary


A lightweight hyper-telephoto zoom lens featuring high usability and outstanding optical performance. Outstanding specifcation tailored to the needs of the user.

  • At just 1830g, this lens is ideal for handheld photography. Offering all the core features of the Sports model.The tripod socket may be detached and replaced with a protective cover to further reduce weight and make handheld photography an even more lightweight and convenient experience.
  • With an emphasis on optical performance, this lens features FLD (“F” Low Dispersion), SLD (Super Low Dispersion), and other fine glass elements and optimized power distribution. An issue for hyper-telephoto lenses in particular at the telephoto end, optical aberrations have been minimized throughout the zoom range.
  • Dust- and splash-proof, to facilitate photography in the field, and featuring a detachable tripod socket for more convenient handheld photography, this lens is a lightweight high-performance model offering outstanding usability.
  • The tripod socket is detachable, allowing the lens to be carried by itself. After the socket is replaced with the protective cover, the lens weighs only 1,830 g for easier carrying. Without the socket, the lens has minimal protruding parts and fits well into limited space for storage. Moreover, the tripod socket is made of magnesium, which is light and strong at the same time.
  • This lens features all the core functionality you need for your photography, including splash- and dust-proof construction, a zoom lock switch that can be set for any focal length, a water- and oil-repellent lens coating, an easily accessible AF/MO/MF switch, and a newly designed tripod socket.
  • This lens is also compatible with SIGMA’s newly developed teleconverters, with which it offers autofocus up to F8.
  • The lens mount incorporates rubber sealing to protect the mount from dust and water drops.
  • The Optical Stabilizer function features an acceleration sensor to ensure even higher precision. Two OS modes are available: Mode 1 for general photography and Mode 2 for motor sports and other applications requiring panning. In Mode 2, the acceleration sensor teams up with the Intelligent OS and its updated stabilization algorithm to deliver effective stabilization while you move the camera horizontally, vertically, or diagonally—regardless of the position of the lens. This feature helps ensure effective panning and outstanding capture of moving subjects.
  • The barrel of the new series of SIGMA lenses features a new TSC (Thermally Stable Composite) that offers minimal thermal shrinkage combined with exceptional hardness. It also offers 25% greater elasticity than polycarbonate. Since its thermal shrinkage is low, TSC matches well with metal parts, further contributing to the high-precision construction of the lens.
  • The brass mount combines high precision with rugged construction. Its treated surfaces and enhanced strength contribute to the exceptional durability of the lens.

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