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Rayne Z-One Pro 3-AXIS Gimbal

SKU : RYN-71

The Rayne Z-ONE PRO 3-Axis GIMBAL is compatible with the Rayne ONE and GoPro Action cameras.



  1. Calibration free use, simply install the rechargeable batteries, attach your action camera power up.
  2. The Gimbal has independent button controls for pitch allowing for creative freedom when shooting. The Gimbal automatically adjusts for any roll that might occur.
  3. The Rayne Z-ONE PRO 3-Axis Gimbal has the following shooting modes.  Heading following mode;Pitch and roll movements are locked, the camera rotates smoothly following the direction of the Gimbal. Locking Mode: Heading, pitch and roll are locked. Heading & Pitch following mode: roll is locked, heading and pitch rotate following the direction of the unit.

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