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SKU : LZ40

The DMC-LZ40 features 22mm ultra wide-angle lens with a 42x optical zoom (35mm camera equivalent: 22 – 924mm) making it possible to capture dynamic landscape and wild animals distant away.



  1. The resolution of the CCD is upgraded to 20-megapixel for DMC-LZ40, and high performance image processing LSI powerfully supports shooting high quality photo and video
  2. With a variety of filter effects, Creative Control lets you add artistic and original expression to photos and videos. Creative Panorama function allows you to create dynamic vertical / horizontal panoramic photo with a unique touch just by swiveling the camera.
  3. The efficient, rechargeable lithium-ion battery lets you take approx. 320 shots on a single battery charge
  4. Blurry images due to handshake often occurs in shooting using high zoom, however, the Optical Image Stabilizer minimizes it without causing deterioration of image quality

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