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The DMC-FZ70 features stunningly versatile LUMIX DC VARIO 20mm ultra wide-angle lens with a 60x optical zoom (35mm camera equivalent: 20-1200mm) making it possible to capture dynamic landscape and wild animals or birds distant away. The 20mm ultra wide angle lens captures approx.140% wider angle of view compared with a 24mm angle of view.



  1. The POWER O.I.S. (Optical Image Stabilizer) effectively suppresses hand-shake vibration. The angular width that the DMC-FZ70 can compensate is more than 200% wider than the predecessor DMC-FZ60 at the tele-end, which realizes handheld 1200mm super telephoto shooting. The Active Mode is equipped with DMC-FZ70 that encourages active video recording at wide angle such as shooting while walking without causing deterioration of image quality
  2. The recorded videos come with the highly realistic Dolby Digital Stereo Creator and its sound quality is further improved with the DMC-FZ70 thanks to the newly developed Wind Shield Zoom Microphone that minimizes wind noise by approx. 70% compared with the predecessor DMC-FZ60. Externally, the special sealed structure prevents wind from hitting the microphone directly and the draft structure suppresses retention of air internally. As a result, the sound is clear, comfortable to listen even it was recorded on a windy day.
  3. The DMC-FZ70 records full-HD 1920 x 1080 videos in both AVCHD and MP4 format. A special, separate button on the top lets you instantly start recording videos while shooting photos without having to make any extra settings.
  4. The 16.1-megapixel High Sensitivity MOS sensor is newly integrated in the DMC-FZ70. Together with the high performance image processing LSI Venus Engine, it elevates the response, sensitivity and image quality of the DMC-FZ70 even to the higher level.
  5. Integrating the high speed digital signal output technology, the DMC-FZ70 shoot 9 fps in 16.1-megapixel full resolution with mechanical shutter and 5 fps with continuous AF.
  6. The DMC-FZ70 is equipped with 0.2-inch EVF (Electronic Viewfinder) that features 202,000-dot equivalent high resolution, 100% field of view. Thanks to the increased frame rate from 30 fps to max. 60 fps, image lag is also minimized making it suitable for shooting fast-moving subject under strong sunlight

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