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Olympus Tough TG-5


The ultimate partner for your most challenging adventures.

  • Waterproof 15m: The TG-5’s superb waterproof performance down to depths of up to 15 meters not only enables you to shoot in heavy rain or white water rapids, but even while snorkelling.
  • Shockproof 2.1m: To protect the bright 1:2.0 high-speed lens, the TG-5 is built with Olympus’s unique and outstanding shock-absorption technology, making it robust enough to withstand a drop test from a height of 2.1 metres.
  • Freezeproof -10°C: Every part in this camera, including the electronic components, is designed to withstand the harsh conditions of winter sports, with operation guaranteed down to minus 10°C.
  • Crushproof (100kg): The interior protective structure of the camera is built to withstand a load of 100 kg, so you won’t have to worry about accidentally sitting on your camera when carrying it in your back pocket.
  • Ultimate adventures often involve the most challenging lighting conditions. From arctic twilight to the undersea world, the ability to deal with low light in particular is the key to a great image. A new image sensor with superb high-speed and high-sensitivity performance combined with the latest TruePic VIII image processor taken from our flagship system camera gives better image quality than before with enhanced dynamic range and improved response time.
  • In combination with the free OI. Track app the new TG-5 lets you link GPS, compass, manometer and temperature data to your photos and videos, and transfer it via Wi-Fi to your smartphone or tablet.
  • The dual-pane protective glass is just one new addition to the other proven tough capabilities, you can keep shooting whatever nature throws at you. Extreme shifts in temperature can cause condensation on lenses. The TG-5 prevents this with dual-pane protective glass, meaning you can keep shooting regardless.
  • Capture even more of the action.: Making great moves look amazing means capturing every detail at just the right moment.The TG-5’s cutting-edge image technology makes that easier than ever. It’s high-speed TruePic VIII processor allows you to record in incredible 4K resolution and create full-HD sized, 120fps slow-motion movies.See the dynamism in every single movement or record beautiful scenery in stunningly high definition.
  • Get right up close.: Ever wanted to shoot tiny subjects you can’t see with the naked eye in superb detail? The maximum 7x* image magnification of the TG-5’s advanced, four-mode Variable Macro System (with Microscope, Microscope Control, Focus Bracketing and Focus Stacking Mode) makes this possible.In Microscope mode, the camera can capture subjects as close as 1cm.In Microscope Control mode the display magnification factor can be changed to a maximum of 44.4x with the zoom lever. On top two optional accessories, LD-1 Light Guide and FD-1 Flash Diffuser, are available to bring out the full potential of the Variable Macro System. Achieve spectacular close-up shots, as if you’re viewing through a microscope.
  • Relive the moment in full.
    Capture wonderful experiences in 4K and slow motion video, along with tracking info and share them with ease. Import field sensor data like compass, manometer and temperature and images taken on the camera to a smartphone via the TG-5’s built-in Wi-Fi and OI.Share capability, then link them to create videos with a tracking data overlay in the free Olympus Image Track (OI.Track) app.
    Share your experience with friends just as you remember it.
  • More stuff for your Tough! The TG-5’s huge range of accessories opens up a world of creativity when you’re capturing the action. From carrying cases to the LED Light Guide and flashes, fisheye and tele converters to the Underwater Case. Unleash your creativity and get the very most from recording your amazing experiences.
  • 12 Megapixel: The newly developed image sensor used in the TG-5 delivers high-speed performance and superb high-sensitivity. It gives better image quality than before with less noise and improved image detail and delivers natural-looking, high-resolution movies.
  • TruePic VIII: The TG-5 features the latest TruePicVIII image processor taken from the Olympus Pro flagship system camera OM-D E-M1 Mark II. It’s improved image processing algorithm is even more powerful to deliver higher image resolution in low-contrast areas especially when shooting at low ISO sensitivity.
  • Maximum ISO12800: Even better quality with high ISO sensitivity! The newly developed image sensor and high-speed image processor reduce noise in your images when using high ISO sensitivity. Maximum ISO sensitivity: ISO12800. Wanna shoot a snowboarding event at dusk? That’s not a problem with a maximum setting of ISO12800!
  • 4x Zoom Lens: Whether for bird’s-eye view shots of scenic vistas at wide-angle settings (35mm equivalent: 25mm) or zoomed-in shots of faraway objects at telephoto settings (35mm equivalent: 100mm) the 4x zoom lens delivers photos that match your intentions.
  • Pro Capture Mode: When you’re out in the wild and want to capture precise moments, sometimes you need a little help. The TG-5 is equipped with a class-exclusive Pro Capture Mode that captures a series of shots before and after you fire the shutter to help you get the exact shot you want, with ease.
  • Art Filter: Art Filters let you give your photos a choice of classic effects. Explore your creativity using 14 popular options. Art Filters provide an expanded range of photo expressions for even more photo fun.
  • Live Composite: Whether you shoot star trails, fireworks or fireflies with stationary subjects in the same image, Live Composite combines only those areas of multiple images that contain new light without over-exposure that occurs in normal bulb shooting. The progress can be viewed on the LCD monitor.
  • RAW Recording: With the TG-5 you can create the ideal image in post-production. Even when you’re out and about, you can edit images in-camera. Save your images in the RAW format and use the included Olympus Viewer 3 software to finetune parameters such as exposure, contrast, white balance and colour balance.
  • Optimal hold: The front of the TG-5 features a new-shape grip for an optimal hold, even when hiking in the middle of the countryside.
  • Accessory lock button: The accessory lock button prevents attached accessories, such as a fisheye converter, teleconverter, light guide or flash diffuser from falling off so that you can feel safe carrying the camera with accessories.
  • Two colour variants: To accentuate your personality, you can choose between the red and black version of the TG-5.
  • Control dial/Zoom lever: The TG-5’s zoom lever construction has been modified allowing you to operate the camera while wearing gloves and skiing on steep slopes. Plus a new control dial has been added, making it easy to adjust shooting settings such as exposure compensation.
  • Grid display for stable framing: The TG-5 has now a grid display to get an optimal division ratio. You can select from the standard grid or golden ratio.
  • Various exposure modes and custom settings: As well as the familiar Aperture Priority and Program Modes, the mode dial now also features the Movie Mode for easy access to various video shooting styles.

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