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Olympus M.ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 60mm F2.8 Macro


The master in macro precision

  • This macro lens excels in image quality, versatility and resilience. Easily get shots at a close range in true (1:1) life size with razor‑sharp details and circular bokeh. When shooting with the OM‑D E‑M1, the superb image quality is boosted even more thanks to focus stacking: a series of eight images with different focus points is shot and merged to produce an image with increased depth of field. This lens is also dust and splashproof, with a protective coating for the lens elements.
  • Creative defocusing: To achieve beautiful circular defocusing, this macro lens leads the light rays orthogonally onto the sensorʼs peripheral areas. The lens optics is designed to eliminate double-line defocusing, resulting in a blurred area contoured with dual lines or edges.
  • Robust construction: Besides being technologically sophisticated, this lens features a dust and splashproof body and special coating for the lens elements. So even in harsh conditions, the resilient construction of this lens gives you reliable, all-terrain photography.
  • Handy Focus Limiter: This 60mm (120mm)* macro lens features a special focus dial to easily change the focus range (0.19m-0.4m, 0.19m–infinity or 0.4m–infinity) in a 1:1 scale. On top of this, a display indicates the actual focus distance for more control of your shots.

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