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Hahnel Remote Shutter Release Cable


The hähnel Cable Remote Shutter Release now has a ‘twist & lock’ system which makes the connection process much easier and gives the user reassurance of a secure connection.

  • The actual cable release now has a simple socket that the cable plugs into.
  • Autofocus, Bulb Function and Continuous Shooting functions
  • Reduce Camera Shake
  • Supplied with interchangeable camera connectors for all
    DSLR’s of one brand
  • 2m extension cable included, giving the choice of 0.8m
    shutter release or a 2.8m cable length
  • Twist & lock cable system for a secure connection
  • HRC 280 Compatibility with Canon, Pentax & Samsung:
    Canon: EOS 1200D/ EOS 1100D / EOS 1000D/ EOS 700D/ EOS 650D/ EOS 600D/ EOS 550D/ EOS
    500D/ EOS 450D/ EOS 400D/ EOS 350D/ EOS 300D/ EOS 100D/ EOS 70D/ EOS 60D/ EOS 50D/
    EOS 40D/ EOS 30D/ EOS 20D/ EOS 20Ds/ EOS 10D/ EOS 7D/ EOS 6D/ EOS 5D/ EOS 5D Mark II/
    EOS 5D Mark III/ EOS 1D/ EOS 1DX/ EOS 1DC/ EOS 1DS Mark II/EOS 1DS Mark III/ EOS 1DS Mark
    IV/ SX50HS/ G10/ G11/ G12/ G15/ G1X/ G1X Mk II/ Rebel T1i/ T2i/ G5x
    Pentax: K-5 II/ K-5 IIS/ K-5/ K-7/ K10/ K20/ K50/ K100/ K200/ K500
    Samsung: GX10/ GX20
  • HRC 280 Compatibility with Nikon:
    P7700/ P7800/ D7100/ D7000/ D5300/ D5200/ D5100/ D5000/ D5500/ D3300/ D3200/ D3100/
    D610/ D600/ D700/ D800/ D800E/ D300/ D300s/ D200/ D100 (when attached to Nikon MBD100
    battery grip) / D3 /D3X/ D3S/ D4/ D4S/ D2X/ D2XS/ D2H/ D2HS/ D1 / D1X/ D1H/ D80/ D70s/
    D90/ Df/ D7200
  • HRC 280 Compatibility with Sony:
    A350/ A100/ A200/ A300/ A450/ A500/ A550/ A700/ A850/ A900/ A560/ A580/ A99/ A77/ A65/
    A57/ A55/ A37/ A35/ A33 / HX50/50V / HX60/60V HX300 / HX400/400V RX100M2/M3 /A7/A7R
    A58K/A58Y / A3000 A6000 / NEX-3NL/3NY
  • HRC 280 Compatibility with Olympus & Panasonic:
    Olympus: C-5060 / C-8080/ E-1/ E-10/ E-100/ E-20/ E-3/ E-30/ E-300/ E-400 / E-410/ E-410/
    E-450/ E-5/ E-510/ E-520/ E-550/ E-600/ E-620/ E-PL2/ E-PL5/ E-PM2 / E420/ OM-D E-M10/
    OM-D E-M5/ Pen E-P1/ PEN E-P3/ PEN E-P5/ SP-510 UZ/ SP-550 UZ/ SP-560 UZ/ SP-565 UZ/
    SP-570 UZ/ SP-590UZ/ XZ-1 (MID)/ XZ-2 IHS
    Panasonic: DMC-FZ100/ DMC-FZ150/ DMC-FZ20/ DMC-FZ30/ DMC-FZ50/ DMC-FZ60/ DMC-G1/
    DMC-G10/ DMC-G2/ DMC-G3/ DMC-G5/ DMC-GF1/ DMC-GH1/ DMC-GH3/ DMC-GH4/ DMC-L1/
    DMZ-FZ200/ DMC-G6/ GX7/ GX1/ GH2/ LC1/ DMC-G7/ DMC-G70

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