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Hahnel Giga T Pro II Wireless Timer Remote Control


The Giga T Pro II wireless remote control features a self-timer, interval timer, long exposure setting and exposure count settings for time-lapse, wildlife photography, astral and studio photography. It can also be used as a short cable shutter release to eliminate camera shake.

  • Perfect for for time-lapse photography cloudscapes, landscapes, wildlife shots & more
  • Features include self-timer, interval timer, long exposure setting and exposure count settings
  • Through-wall transmission 100m range
  • Reliable FSK 2.4GHz frequency available worldwide
  • LCD display with back lighting
  • Channel selector for individual control of multiple cameras
  • Can also be used as a short cable shutter release to eliminate camera shake
  • Repeat Mode for Interval Shooting: The two graphics below help to illustrate the timed sequences. The basic programme below allows you to set up a timed shooting sequence, defining the delay, the number shots, the interval shots and so on. For example you may wish to take 5 shots, 1 minute apart, and delay this sequence by an hour. The ‘repeat mode for interval shooting’ allows you to repeat the above sequence every 4 hours for up to 99 repeats.
  • Giga T Pro II Compatibility for Canon, Pentax & Samsung:
    EOS 1200D/ EOS 1000D / EOS 100D / EOS 1100D / EOS 1D / EOS 1D C 4K D/ EOS 1D
    Mark II / EOS 1D Mark IV/ EOS 1DS / EOS 1DS Mark II / EOS 1DS Mark III / EOS 1DX /
    EOS 20D/ EOS 300D/ EOS 30D/ EOS 350D/ EOS 350D / EOS 400D/ EOS 40D/ EOS
    450D / EOS 500D / EOS 50D / EOS 550D / EOS 5D/ EOS 5D MARK II/ EOS 5D MARK III/
    EOS 600D/ EOS 60D / EOS 60Da / EOS 650D / EOS 6D / EOS 700D / EOS 70D / EOS
    7D/ EOS-1D Mark II N/ EOS-1Ds MARK III / G15/ SX50 HS/ 1D/ G5x
    Pentax: D/ K-5 II / K-5 IIs / K-5 / K-50 / K-500 / K-7 / K100D / K100D/ K10D / K200D/
    K20D / K50/ K500
    Samsung: GX-10/ GX-1L / GX-1S / GX-20
  • Giga T Pro II Compatibility for Nikon:
    P7700/ P7800/ D1/ D100/ D200/ D2H/ D2HS/ D2X/ D2Xs / D3/ D300/ D300S/ D3100/
    D3200/ D3300/ D3S/ D3x/ D4/ D5000/ D5500/ D5100/ D5200/ D5300/ D600/ D610/
    D70/ D700
  • Giga T Pro II Compatibility for Olympus & Panasonic:
    Olympus: C-5060/ C-8080/ E-1 / E-10/ E-100/ E-20/ E-3/ E-30/ E-300/ E-400 / E-410/
    E-410/ E-450/ E-5/ E-510/ E-520/ E-550/ E-600 / E-620/ E-PL2/ E-PL5/ E-PM2/ E420/
    OM-D E-M10/ OM-D E-M5/ Pen E-P1/ PEN E-P3 / PEN E-P5 / SP-510 UZ/ SP-550 UZ/
    SP-560 UZ/ SP-565 UZ/ SP-570 UZ/ SP-590UZ/ XZ-1 (MID)/ XZ-2 IHS
    Panasonic: DMC-FZ100/ DMC-FZ150/ DMC-FZ20/ DMC-FZ30/ DMC-FZ50/ DMCFZ60/
    DMC-G1/ DMC-G10/ DMC-G2/ DMC-G3/ DMC-G5/ DMC-GF1/ DMC-GH4 /DMCGH1/

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