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Energizer Ultimate Lithium AA 4-Pack


Whether used in a wireless mouse, digital camera, LED lighting, a laser level or stud finder, Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries help you stay powered up for longer. .

  • Longest-lasting battery for high-tech devices
  • Superior performance in extreme temperatures from -40F to 140F degrees – great for use in all seasons
  • Holds power in storage for up to 20 years
  • Lighter weight than alkaline batteries
  • Leakproof
  • By using longer-lasting & reliable batteries, consumers use fewer batteries, create less waste, and have less impact on the planet.
  • Popular uses:
    Photography – high drain digital cameras and flash units that use a lot of power
    On the Job – stud finders, laser levels and high power LED lighting
    Home Safety – up to 10 years of battery backup power for 9V and AA smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
    Toys – remote control toys, motorized toys, project kits and kids’ toys
    Gaming – for high-use/high-drain game controllers such as Wii and Xbox
    Outdoors – camping gear, GPS units, flashlights, hunting scopes and lasers

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