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SKU : 760D

Take your photography to new heights with a 24.2 MP sensor, customisable 19 point AF system and versatile controls.



  1. Customisable 19-point autofocus: The EOS 760D’s customisable 19-point autofocus system locks onto your subject when shooting sports, portraits or landscapes. Each focus point is a ‘cross-type’ meaning it can lock on to your subject quickly and accurately so you can achieve superb results whether you’re shooting sports, portraits or landscapes.
  2. Fast processor for action: The fast DIGIC 6 processor means you can shoot at up to 5fps and never miss a decisive moment. A 7560 pixel metering sensor gives consistent and accurate exposures and Flicker Detection.
  3. Flicker detection: Flickering light, such as that produced by fluorescent light bulbs, can cause inconsistent brightness and colour while shooting. The EOS 760D can detect such conditions and time each shot to coincide with the peak brightness of the flickering light source, for consistent results.
  4. Shoot stunning Full HD movies with cinematic depth of field using the EOS 760D’s Hybrid CMOS AF III autofocus technology. It enables smooth focusing and subject tracking so your subject will look sharp and in focus while the background remains beautifully blurred. MP4 support allows easy upload and transfer of your movies.
  5. Learn how to improve your photography with the EOS 760D Companion App. Gather insights from the experts and understand how to correct common photography problems.
  6. Share your images instantly with WiFi and NFC connection. Simply tap devices together to review and transfer to a smartphone or tablet. Put yourself in the shot or capture wildlife from a distance without disturbing your subject.

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