Want to learn the basics of photography for free from the comfort of your own home? There are many ways to do so these days, but a new one you might want to check out isPhotoskop. Read More

If you’re completely new to taking pictures with an iPhone, here’s a 4-minute video that’ll help you hit the ground running. MacRumors put together a number of basic tips and tricks you can use to take a step beyond simply tapping the on-screen shutter button. Read More

Leica wants a piece of the smartphone photography boom. The iconic German camera company and Chinese telecom giant Huawei announced today that they’re teaming up in a long-term technology partnership to reinvent smartphone photography. The goal is a “visual world renaissance,” the companies say. Read More

Journalism is under threat from all sides. The last few years have been some of the most dangerous in history for journalists around the world; they have been killed, injured and detained in record numbers. But journalists are under threat from within as well, as some media companies seem content to eat their own. Read… Read more »

This week, GoPro announced it will discontinue three of its six available action cameras and abandon the entry-level market. This follows the company’s preliminary fourth quarter results revealed last month. GoPro had stated at the time that poor holiday sales would likely result in low quarterly revenue, and that it would layoff 7% of its workforce as… Read more »

The GoPro HERO4 Session is the company’s latest action camera release. Unlike GoPros before it, the Session is completely waterproof without the need for any housing. It is also the smallest, lightest GoPro to date, 50% smaller than the HERO4 (Black or Silver) and 40% lighter. Rea More

Canon today announced the 1D X Mark II, its latest flagship DSLR. Canon calls the camera a “remarkable combination of innovation and refinement” that combines both power and speed. Read More

Every year from mid February to mid March a big event takes place at Wapusk National Park in Manitoba, Canada. The polar bears mothers, who entered the maternity dens in October to give birth to their cubs in November, are ready to exit for the first time with the four months old newborn. Read More

Ethan Field and Ron Campbell were hiking off-trail in Oregon’s Columbia Gorge last week when something shiny caught their eye. Bending over, they discovered an old camera that was mostly covered by rocks, dirt, and vegetation. Read More

Forget anti-drone rifles and drones that catch other drones with webs and giant nets. Police over in The Netherlands have just come up with the craziest way to deal with illegal drones: specially trained eagles. Read More

One of the big stories in the photo world this past weekend was the fact that Nikon Singapore selected a clearly Photoshopped image as the winner of a recent contest. After a wave of relentless mockery from photographers around the world, both Nikon and the winning photographer have since apologized for what happened. Read More